Sir Samuel Griffith Centre – Large-scale off-grid university teaching and research facility, PV powered with battery and hydrogen storage


Opened in 2014 the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre at Griffith University, Brisbane is home to Australia’s first teaching and research facility relying on photovoltaic power with battery and hydrogen storage technologies to keep it off the power grid. It showcases the possibilities for very reliable electricity and hydrogen supply where there is no grid, such as in remote communities, medical centres, telecommunications installations and in disaster relief.

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QUT Battery Interest Group (BIG)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has four domains of capability and engagement in analysing energy retail business models, developing battery materials, improving battery cell management and optimising network connections. QUT can assist industry to research the integration of storage in energy markets, battery material design, construction and testing (see key domain contacts below).

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Natural polymers for energy storage devices

Professor Eddie Zhang, Centre for Clean Energy and Environment, Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University

Renewable electricity generation (such as solar and wind) has advanced in power and efficiency while reducing its cost, making it ever more accessible and useful and reducing reliance on coal. The development of smart power grids to support the technology has changed power use in industry and the home, broadening its application. However the keystone is energy storage and this has not developed at the same rate. Batteries have not made any great reduction in size, cost or increase in power, they are also highly toxic and relatively inefficient.

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Energy Storage Materials Development

College of Science, Technology and Engineering James Cook University

The Energy Storage Materials Development Group at JCU designs and tests new battery materials prepared from common and plentiful resources (e.g. manganese, silicon).

We focus on low cost, low toxicity materials that are customised for different uses and applications suited to tropical environments.

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GCI’s Living Building

The Global Change Institute works to address the challenges presented by climate change, technological innovation and population change. The institute achieves this through collaborative research across four key themes: clean energy, food systems, healthy oceans, and sustainable water.

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Getting the UQ Gatton Battery Storage System Research-ready

A 600 kW, 760 kWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) has recently been integrated with The University of Queensland (UQ) Gatton solar PV plant.

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The Griffith Microgrid

The traditional market arrangement for energy is already broken. The distributed generation of electricity by solar, wind and other alternatives as well as storage, such as lithium ion batteries, are being manufactured on a scale that will accelerate their market penetration.

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Magellan Power’s Battery Storage in Perth Business

A case study on how a Perth business, operating from an office and warehouse building of 1,546m², cut its electricity bills by 68% from installing PV and battery storage.

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Off-Grid Energy Australia – Remote Operations Station

Off-Grid Energy Australia case study on a remote operations station with Solar PV/ Storage/ Hybrid mini-grid power system installed designed to reduce diesel fuel consumption.

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Polyglot Group & Infrastructure Projects

Polyglot’s solution of finding, employing and managing top talent to run clean energy projects enables local & global companies to manage their employment risk, provide a monthly cost they can plan, forecast their project revenue.

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Reposit Power’s GridCredits Technology

Reposit Power has engaged consumers in a first of its kind pilot – one which enables customers to store, shift, and trade their energy on the National Energy Market, and earn revenue for it.

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The Greenhouse Effect CS image

The Green House Effect Residential Hybrid System

The Green House Effect’s case study on a residential 6kw hybrid system in Eaglemont, Victoria.

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Tropical Energy Solutions Off-Grid Power System

Tropical Energy Solutions designed and installed an off-grid power system which includes 71kWp of PV solar modules with 280kWh battery storage capacity for the James Cook University, Daintree Rainforest Observatory.

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